Monday, June 25, 2012

Boxes or Toys

I love that kids can find joy in the everyday.
We have been getting some new outdoor furniture, and it comes in very large boxes.
Some of these cardboard sensations were out on our driveway when all the grandchildren were at our house last week so naturally they were playing in one heck of a big box. I told Kathryn to hop into one of the smaller boxes so we could fold up the lid and then have the kids "find" her.
This turned into a favorite activity du jour. They were all piling in and burying each other in the box. We even had the presence of mind to go get bubbles out before someone got locked up and started to cry. Good avoidance, wouldn't you say?
2 of my 3 middle kids that were here.
It was great to have my chillens and their chillens home.

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