Saturday, June 2, 2012

Season Tickets

David and his little family invited The Hubby and I to join them last weekend for a fun filled day at Gilroy Gardens.  We obliged and after a fun Cinderella Ballet with Lexy the night before, we showed up at their house the next morning.
As we piled into their mini van, Kara asked if we had our tickets.
"Um, no?" I replied.
"We gave them to you for Mothers (and Fathers) Day," she said.
OOOOps. I had totally not gotten the connection, or gift, or apparently life that day.
So we headed back to our house and picked up the tickets which I had stashed in a rememberable place (is that even a word?) I think I thought is was a gift certificate or something else, I had no idea we had season tickets.
Thanks for the present, that you gave me, that I didn't remember about, that  The Hubby wasn't home for, so was not informed about, etc……
 Here we are at the park.  Go Lukey Go!
 Same color but different 50's make.
 David and Lena going past GPa.
 Kara managing her 2 year old.
 Me managing him.
 Happy Lena, helping the worm eat the apple.
 Lexy and Kara loving the SWWWINNGG.
 Yes, Kara had to dumpster dive for Luke's water bottle that had been dumped. In a trashcan.
 GPa is the only one who isn't lost in the maze.
Lexy's favorite ride of the park?

I do remember that we had a fun time. WOOHOO!!! Thanks guys.


  1. This is a place I have never been with my grandkids. We'll have to try it out next time they're here.

    And just think, you are lucky season ticket holders!


  2. FUUUUUN!! looks like a blast!

  3. a fun day... except maybe the trip into the trash can.