Wednesday, June 20, 2012

May Yard Progress

I am obviously past May for this post, but I am still going to show just the month of May in the progress here. That way when I show June and the yard looks more finished, it will be such a surprise to everyone that we will all shout for JOY!!!!
And then we will JUMP for JOY!!!!
But we probably won't be able to jump into the pool by then.
Anyway, I digress...
 We have seen much progress this last month beginning with the layout of all the A/V wires and equipment.
 The kitchen area was stone faced and concrete filled.
 And a couple of concrete pours were made.
 The garage looks like there was a bomb blown there.
 …But the mess in front of the pool house - casita - was cleaned up.
 Here is Vince the concrete man, smoothing out the pool coping immediately after the forms were taken off.
 These forms were styrofoam and got removed as soon as the concrete began to set up. That allowed the concrete to be smoothed and tweaked just right before it dried. Notice the concrete color is a brownish/green called "Palomino."
 You heard about this, right?
 Pipes peaking through the concrete pad so the equipment for the pool and irrigation can be nice and neat.

 The pool equipment bunker was erected.

 I think the coping is gorgemous.
 A couple weeks later the pool deck was poured and worked out thoroughly.
 This is the 5th set of stairs to be poured and is the only one that is to be just concrete with no stone. There is a nice little lip of concrete on each overhang of the stairs and the surrounding areas by the pool are looking good.
Oooh, a partial roof over the new patio area. Nice.
The next week the concrete guys were back so they could sandblast the deck area and make it look slightly different than the coping color. Here's Vince trying out his new look.

There is no sign of the pool man or his helpers. We haven't seen him for a couple of months and he isn't returning phone calls, so we are starting to worry whether or not this project will ever finish for summer swimming.

Hindsight wise, now that I'm in mid June (even though this post hasn't caught up,) I have come to grips with my company/family not being able to use the yard for this nice graduation weekend that we just spent together. I was quite riled up and upset at the beginning of June when I realized it wasn't going to happen and my hopes were dashed, but now I do in fact see and end in sight and I'm over it to a great extent.
Stand by for news. (name that commentator)


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