Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Homework

Michael started back to school for his senior year this morning. Last night seemed to be no different than any other end of weekend night in the school year. Although he did his darnedest (is that a real word?) to complete his summer work last week, he was still last minute on getting it all finished, keeping him up until about 1 am this morning working on AP Biology.You ask, "how come he already had homework?" Well the advanced classes have more and more pre-class work as the years go on, and he had to categorize and write about the life of this planet.
English always has summer reading, but he was thinking he wasn't going to be able to take the Bio class, and so he just started the hw for it last week.
He took some cool pictures of his selected "plant" and "animal" on Saturday. I helped him edit and the Hubby helped him with the pictures, but they did turn out pretty good didn't they?
Here's a close up of the "Carpenter Bee".
..... and his favorite flower the "Passion Flower". Nice pix Michael.
There's the big bee inside this flower, so we lightened it up a bit more so the bee could be seen.
Pretty cool, huh?
I think he's going to enjoy the class, even though there will be scads of homework. He has a great teacher. (I think my only other kid to have Mr. Hammock was Jonathan for Physics. J says he learned more from him than his college Physics class)

Well, I'm off to Grand Junction for the week. My parents need to be visited, and my lil sis is having a partay for her newlywed son. (See previous post.)


  1. Very nice photos!

    Have a good and safe trip.


  2. Great pictures. That bee is something else (as is the passion flower). I'm sure Michael (who I cannot believe is a SENIOR!) will enjoy Hammack. I never had him (he was on sabbatical when I was there) but I know that Matt had him and absolutely LOVED his class. Never heard anything but highest praise from anyone.

  3. love LOVE the pictorals. enjoy CO & tell the fam we're sad we're not there to join in. oh & i love the schooly background. the teacher in me wants to staple class pictures to it. :)