Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wedding of '09

Our "incredibly shrinking family" traveled across the country to Boston this past week to participate and celebrate in the marriage of our nephew/cousin Dane.

We all had a great time in "Bean Town" attending a Sox game which I should later address, walking the Freedom Trail, seeing old (for our country) historical sites and connections to our countries past, going to Salem, having a clam bake, and of course attending a wedding.

The grounds of the temple on this
bright sunny day
are beautiful and serene.

Here's the couple arriving before the ceremony begins. "Are we ready for this?"

Austin our young cousin/great nephew hanging out with Stephanie and Michael.

Dane and Aimee coming out after the ceremony.

The Grant and Michael (wishing he was 6'9").

Adam and Christina pinning the boutonniere with precision.

C & I had a bonding moment last night talking about babies, birthing, & nursing.

But our best bonding came today just before the ceremony when she leaned over to me and asked very quietly.
" What is the orange thing around that man's neck?"

I could only look and reply, "I think it's a Pirate."

Yes, it was quite the Bolo.!!!

The wedding party in front of the temple.

The Fam.

My big brother Steve and his boys minus all their wives and 83% of the kids.

As a little side note, our family actually isn't shrinking as you can read about here. We did miss having everyone at this event, but it was across the country and many of them are planning to attend a party for the newly married couple at the end of the month in "Big J".

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  1. you fixed it-- totally wish we could have gone.. just to see that tie