Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Parte Deux

Last night as I was trying desperately to finish my story and uploading pictures I had some of those pictures disappear.

I suppose it is user error, but sometimes I struggle with the words matching up with the appropriate pictures.

Here are my two cute kiddles enjoying themselves outside the temple.

Up above is the proud father of the groom along with my handsome Hubby. They are "Bud's".

Finally, the mother of the groom and my sis Camille with her loving big sis.

I'm actually proud of this picture because my eyes were half closed in one picture and C's eyes were all the way closed in the next pix (which BTW doesn't make you look as dumb as half open). So ... I photoshopped (CS4) the two pictures (shown at the beginning of this post) together and erased the bad face one on the top layer so the good one underneath showed. Lookey, lookey we are sooo cute!!!


  1. I still believe I suggested merging the two pictures together but this will also will be added to the other unresolved unimportant issues along our way. (Like suggesting you save the combined picture as a "Save As" jpeg from Photoshop to iPhoto that would have saved you 5 hours! :))

  2. That really is a VERY cute picture. You did well!


  3. I never said you didn't suggest I merge the pix. Just did it a different way. :)

  4. wow now that photoshoping business is pretty impressive! We wish we could have been there!

  5. What a fun family event, VK. I'll bet it was great getting together with everyone, even if not all the fam could attend. You and your sis together are adorable, by the way. Great, great job on the photoshopping. I don't even have a clue how you'd do something like that.

  6. You know your sister Kathy would have put the two funny pictures of you and Camille together on one photo. Just to be Kathy. (How many pictures do we have of her making funny faces?)