Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a 91 year old friend who has been needing  rides to and from her ADL's as well as errands to be run. Inger was born  40years before me and she shares so (sowah) many stories of her childhood in Norway, as well as tidbits of gained wisdom for my enjoyment.
Her dog "Teddy" needs to be trimmed every other month or so, and she herself needs a shampoo and set every couple of weeks. We then go to the grocery store, doctors office, the drug store, clothing store or nursery. About 3 errands is what she can handle in the day and she then usually takes me to lunch, or we buy it and eat at her home.
...which is high up a narrow, winding, mountain road just up, up, up the hill from our little Town of Los Gatos. It seems about 10 degrees cooler up there on a hot day, but since she and her older son (who doesn't drive) moved up there last year, she has had to give up driving

Inger's little Prius is just sitting in the driveway and should probably be sold before it sits too much longer.

I enjoy my time with Inger and try to learn something from her each time I see her.
What a GEM !


  1. i like the addition of the sowah. it's just sowah inger! i LOVE that woman!!! oh & your background is perfect. :)

  2. She sounds pretty wonderful. And you sound like a pretty wonderful friend to her...


  3. There is no ninety year old plus woman that is more witty and funny and beautiful than our Inger. She has gone through all three of our boys as her Home Teachers but she still holds a special spot for our oldest, Jonathan, as one of her dearest people.