Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ball Game Variety

While we were in Boston, we were able to take in a Red Sox game. What a great old park Fenway is! After raining hard all morning, the weather cleared and the steam was rising as the game neared.Stephanie's old friend from grade school through high school just happened to be introduced as an All-Star for the Cape Cod Summer League before the game began. You'll have to keep your eye out for our local boy Kyle Blair as he tries to progress as a pitcher in the baseball ranks.
Brad and Camille (my seestor) along with Dane and Aimee (the betrothed) were able to take time from the wedding plans to attend the game too.
Big highlight was David Ortiz hitting a home run for us. It just happened to be the very day that the news of his steroid use in 2003 came out. I guess he was trying to prove a point, and it sorta worked.
If you ask me, this is a pretty timely picture taken by the hubby. You should see all of his awesome shots taken in series with his great Nikon D3. There are about 12 of this swing alone, and all are so clear and beautiful it is hard to choose which one to post.

Now we will move onto another type of game.

Yesterday we were able to attend Lexy's first U6 Soccer game in Campbell. She is nearing 4 y/o so is one of the younger ones on the team and it was a fun afternoon.
Here is little sister Lena getting all prepared for the game. Look at those baby blues!!
.... And Ellery was so exited to be able to sit and to try some toys on for taste.
Maybe the bottle of milk is a little more filling.
Lexy showing off her gear pre game. Cool cleats.Running with the other kiddles.
All finished for a while.
"These socks are hot, and I even have some neat shin guards on underneath them."
Lena wants the "ba ba" to sit down right here so she can play with her.
Here we go.
Aunt Kathryn is a fun entertainer. "Get your hat Lena."

Cropped, this picture is even better. Pretty sunny day with lots of shadows, but the colors are great and kids are cute anyway.
Thanks Lexy for a totally different fan experience. Fun times!!


  1. ALL of these photos are great! Baseball AND soccer sweeties.

    So cute.


  2. These pictures are GREAT, VK. You are a fantastic photographer! Of course having adorable subject matter doesn't hurt, either ;) I love how you cropped that one photo. I need to learn how to tweak my on-line pictures.