Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Creche'

I spent a couple days this week preparing a church building in Palo Alto for a Christmas Creche' exhibit.
There were about 50 people busily working to place plants, lights, tables, beautiful cloth backgrounds, and embellishment pieces for setting off the nativities.
Every year the ladies of the Los Altos Stake prepare several months for this event. They have a large data base for over 1200 privately owned nativities and usually use between 500 - 600 different styles.

Here are a couple of Elders from the church helping place lighting.

This set up takes several days and then the nativities arrive.

It is truly amazing how many people around the world have created some kind of rendition of the Madona, Child Jesus, His father, stable animals, angels, shepherds, and wise men. I worked on a large room that was dedicated to Latin American pieces.
I have a couple of unique pieces that I display at my home each Christmas season. I try to find them when traveling in foreign countries.

This one is from Mexico and is a little tiny thing.  It is colorful but nothing like ....

this one that I got in Costa Rica.
If you live around Palo Alto, you should try to go visit this week. Directions and hours can be found at their website.
I really enjoyed helping work on this beautiful display commemorating the birth of our Savior. You will enjoy it too.


  1. This creche exhibit is pretty amazing. It's too bad we were out of town this year because we probably won't get there before the 9th.

    Your two look great. I especially love the one from Mexico.


  2. I had two people from work attend the Creche exhibit. They said they really enjoyed it and was amazed at the number of different nativities. One asked what the word meant. I was able to share it means crib or manager. I guessed it was old French. Oui?

  3. Sounds like fun! I wish I was involved with something like this for Christmas.

  4. wow, that sounds like quite the operation. I am sure it is amazing.