Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funky HAT

Stephanie has a new hat.

It's a bit crazy, but when I saw my friend Elisa make some of these for her nieces and nephews in various colors, I had to make one for someone. Steph might even wear it a few times.

The colors are her favorites. (Except the yellow which I thought would make the other colors "pop", but in the end I wish I'd left out.)

I used wool Cascade 220 and only purchased one of the colors new for the project. I have such a stash of yarn, I could probably make another dozen of these in various colors without even venturing out of my warm house to the store.
FUN, Fundky, hat.


  1. Leave out the yellow?!?! You crazy! Too cute, love that it comes down over the ears.

  2. I think the yellow DOES make it pop.


  3. That had is darling. I actually really like the yellow in it too!

  4. That hat is adorable... I LOVE it! It goes with Steph's fun and spunky personality too.

  5. i wore that to the store the other day and got a few compliements on it =) thanks madre!