Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knitting for Christmas

Last month I finished a few projects before the Holidays arrived at full speed ahead.
You would never know it by my harried last couple of weeks, but I did actually try to plan ahead and not do EVERYTHING last minute.

Here is a stocking that Katz had me make for her Ellers. It is in the "Fair Isle" style of knitting and I just looked at pictures and planned colors and patterns as I went. It takes longer than knitting with just one color obviously, but it isn't really very hard and the results are very fun and rewarding. Can you see the Christmas trees about halfway up the leg?
Here it is pinned to my trusty ironing board to "block" it so it keeps its shape well. I spray it down with water and then let it dry overnight.
'Course it was freezing cold, so it took more like 24 hours, but I shouldn't complain because Mom and Dad might hear me and it was between 5 and 9 below in "Big J" last week. Serious COLD. Stephanie and Jonathan were riding their bikes in Salty Lake and I was feeling a bit guilty.
But, I digress.
This stocking, to hang by the chimney with care, has got to be one of the cutest stockings I've made to date. I bought the yarn a couple years ago so the Hills would all match when I eventually made each one separately.
And they do match.

She wants them all different, but to look like they go together. I think we achieved that.

But.... this one is definitely my fave.

And to think I had it done by mid November. You would just never know I plan ahead by looking at me this week.


  1. I never cease to be amazed by your creations! Seriously, the ability to make such a thing is amazing to me. The pattern is so complicated, and here you are saying it's easy.

    Easy?! All I can say is pshaw....and phooey...and fie on that! This is pure talent, and those stockings are adorable. Worthy of a magazine.


  2. The stocking turned out beautifully and what a treasure for Ellery. How lucky your family is to have you and your talent to create such fabulous heirlooms. Merry Christmas to them all! ~Pam

  3. I've been waiting since I was about 8 to have a beautiful knitted Xmas sock for my own babes! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They are hanging in Idaho as we speak. Thanks again Mamasita!!!

  4. What a GORGEOUS project! I'm so jealous of your talents, the stockings are beautiful.

  5. Aunt Vicki those are so sweet! How much would you charge for a couple of those? I'm not even kidding, I love them.