Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simple Meal

In preparing for the meal on Christmas day I have to show this funny girl.

She started off copying....

her cute little big sister, which is something she often does. Follows the leader.
But then she noticed.....

her cute little reflection in the big shinny pot. Can you see the look of glee on her face?
Funny girl.
All this while the rest of the crowd was down the hall playing ...

Beatles Rock Band. The latest addition to our family entertainment.
Thanks, Santa Claus.


  1. We want to get the Beatles Rock Band, too. Sounds like pure fun!


  2. I'm getting pretty good on beatles rockband out here-- should be fun to come home and play with you guys!!!

  3. so fun!! glad u didnt capture a picture of me telling lext she can play when im done but for now, i want to win... ahahaha such a great aunt i am...