Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Halls Were Decked

Yes, I love Christmas and all the myriad of baubles and bangles that go with it.
I was busy with other things this year and Christmas still happened. It was amazing and wonderful and family encrusted.
The house is totally decked out.

Our living room is serenely colored with blue/green, white, clear, and silver ornamentation.

I love nutcrackers.

We have a few stories of them including Nutcracker Ballet figures,

As well as Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol Figures.

The Eve food is the best. Not so simple "Shepherds Dinner" is what we spread out for the evening meal.

Here are some assorted cheeses, including a couple goat varieties, some legumes, dolmas, pita bread, mustard, olive tamponade,  shaved beef, and fruit juice.

This year we had some hot food in form of the lollipop lamb ribs you see here. We usually assume the shepherds would just eat a sack lunch type thing, but sheep are pretty plentiful on the hillsides of Bethlehem, so I figured we could cook some over the fire.

The family room area is bedecked (isn't that a fun word? I just keep using it) in more traditional, bright Christmas colors.

With candles and tall trees, finials etc. (I love Christopher Radko, and I also love finials)

Here's the entryway with finials and ornaments aglow.

Frosty and all his pals are taking up a space in the kitchen.
Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas.

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  1. I put up less than ever this year - no Christmas Village, but the snowmen came out in droves! The Christmas Eve dinner is something we're still gonna have to replicate.