Monday, May 17, 2010


I realize I posted a picture of this sweater in a previous "things I need to get off my plate" post, but I thought she looked so cute in it that I had to show and tell.
This shows the back of the hat and all the pom poms on the front,
which she perhaps will not leave alone, and will pull them off. She was obsessed.
"Oh, Hi."

I'm now working an the pink and yellow one for the #1 girl. I am moving quite slowly because I only work on my knitting these days when watching TV in the evenings. If I have any other pressing project that can be worked on while sitting on the couch, that is taking a front seat to my knitting. (although I'll show another finished baby project tomorrow)


  1. I can see why she's so taken with the pom poms. They are so much fun!


  2. i'm a little behind i guess, i LOVE your latest creations. shocker. :) but seriously austin wants her to wear this sweater everywhere & she'd love to with those built-in toy pom poms!