Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Prom at LG

Michael asked his girl to the Prom by posting this
outside her bedroom window so she could see and not read until going outside to get.
Once she brought it in, she found that it really doesn't ask anything, but is rather a menagerie of random statements.
So, then later when she went out the door to come have breakfast at our house, she stumbled upon two rocks and this note.
On the rocks were written her possible answers. A cute tiny rock with a "yes" painted on, and a large slightly immovable stepping stone with "no" painted on it. She was to pick up the correct answer and bring it to him.
Pretty cute, eh?

Then the day of prom came. I got to fix up her hair in an updo. I was a little reluctant, because I wanted her to be able to state her opinion without the fear of making me feel bad and being uncomfortable.
I recruited my DD Kathryn for the liaison and my other DD Stephanie had showed up a couple evenings before, so we had a party in my bathroom while doing the prom goers hair. We even used a "bumpit" for effect. That was the most fun of all.  There is a picture on Stephanie's facebook of it, I'll try to get it off.

................Oh lookie, lookie I did it!!!
Woo Hoo, quite the picture of the use of "bumpit's" in American culture.
She wanted it loose and curly instead of neat and tight. Turned out pretty and looked great with her flowing dress. I was worried that it wouldn't stay in, but apparently she didn't have any of it fall out until she took it down the next morning.
They looked really cute together as usual. Michael in his free tux from "Men's Wearhouse". (Thanks David - you are a nice brother), and matching her purply dress with his vest and tie.
Handsome kids.
All the kids looked pretty fancy in their prom garb. It is amazing how sophisticated they all look. Really ready for the red carpet.
Can you say, "over the top?"
Childhood friends abounded throughout the great picture taking yard.  There were about 70 kids in the group that gathered here. Thanks, Kevin.
Teammates, and playmates throughout the years, with their dates and parents.
Starting to grow up?


  1. Boy, did this one bring back memories!

    I can't believe you did her hair. It's perfect. Good enough for a wedding!

    Yep, you are one talented lady.


  2. i like kathryn adding to the hair styling by directing us... "no, no.. do this! do that! let me lay here on my fat butt and watch as u SLLAVVE over kira's hair hahaha just kidding! such fun to travel back in time to prom for the day :)