Friday, May 21, 2010

Times Past

When Michael was in 5th grade, he rode his bicycle to school every day save maybe 5 days for miserable weather.  It became a mantle of honor for him and his band of friends.
Two other Michael's who live in the adjacent neighborhood would start out from their houses and drop by our house on the beginning of the trek. It was not just dropping by in my book, because they had to ride up our long, arduous hill before arriving on our doorstep. (or garage step if you are into technicalities

Stephanie's volleyball coach, Shelby, once asked me to tell her the 3 names of the boys so she would be able to call them by name as they went past her employers home upon her arrival each day. I said, "Michael," and she replied that she remembered His name, but wanted to know the other cute kids names. "Michael," was my final answer. "All three of them are Michael, and so it seems like you are pretty safe using it."

They would then travel into the neighborhoods on the way to school, picking up more 5th grade boys along the way. By the time they arrived at their destination of Daves Ave., they had accumulated up to 5 Michael's, or Mike's, or Mikey's, as well as about 6 other various named 10 -11 year olds.

These cute boys are now on the verge of graduation from high school.
I just spent an hour looking for an old picture of them riding their bikes. That is all the time I allotted myself this morning, and I was unable to locate that snapshot in time.

I did take a pix, this am before my Michael left on his bicycle yet again. He wasn't traveling with the big pack, although I think they should figure out a day where they all do it again in the next couple weeks, but he and at least one other friend thought they'd go back in time and ride their bikes to school today.
I used to make him wear a helmet, but now that he is 18 I guess I have to let him make his own, albeit sometimes poor, decisions.
Have a fun day!!


  1. awww cute boys! & that kid usually makes pretty good decisions, lady... :)

  2. Mine always refused to wear a helmet once they got older, too. I kinda hate that.