Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last evening I answered to door to a couple of Stephanie's college volleyball teammates that we were expecting. They had driven to the bay area all the way from Utah, to enjoy a play and have fun in San Francisco.
As I was talking to them and inviting them into my house, my Stephanie appeared in the family room from the other door and said "hello".  So fun that she came on my birthday weekend.
Kathryn was at the house for the afternoon and she soon gave me an invitation for an afternoon tea, which was today.
She had made up this cute little invite and we were all excited to go with all the little girls as well as the more mature ones.
So here we were today at lunch  tea.
Lena stirring her watermelon tea, as she prepares for a fine peanut butter/jam crumpet, and tiny cheese pizza.
Lexy was trying to be patient as the tea was served. "Where is our food?"
They all looked so cute in fancy dresses. Aunt Stephanie had purchased little hairband/hats for everyone. They had feathers and netting and were black except for mine which was white and fluffy.
All sorts of beads pearls around our necks were also part of our attire.
All my girls look like they are rather enjoying themselves. I think everyone likes to dress up if given the chance and excuse.
Very cute set of girls outside the shop.
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and yummy lunch.


  1. it was fun treating you for a change. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMASITA!!!

  2. What a cool surprise. Looks like the creativity doesn't stop with mama!


  3. That's so fun that you got to dress up and be with all your girls! You all do such cool things together.

  4. I can't wait for that!!!!!! So cute!!! And Happy Birthday, my friend.