Monday, May 10, 2010

College Grad #3

What a fun and filled weekend we had.  Our Stepher graduated from the U of U.
All Complete.
El Duno.
She is a happy camper.
Mom, Dad, and Michael flew into SLC for the big event. Sister Kathryn, (Kiki) who was in Idaho welcoming her brother-in-law home from his mission in the U.K., drove the 3 hours for the ceremony and lunch with the family.
Everyone is all smiles I'd say.
We are on the second concourse of the Huntsman Center, but Dad's camera takes it all in.
Look, look!!! Here I am. Can you see me????

This is the first of our children to actually walk in the college graduation. We watched our son-in-law walk and David says he will for his masters next year. It was very nice.

Jon Huntsman Jr. was the speaker for the main commencement. He is a very impressive man and speaker. He is former governor of Utah, and is currently the ambassador to China for our country.
I'll sum up his speech briefly.

There are no times when you should ever get an "F" in your studies, but today I'm going to talk about 5 F's we should all have if we want to succeed in this life.
1. Find a Cause
2. Follow your Heart
3. Face Failure
4. Find someone to Love
5. Find Meaning

He encouraged the graduates to learn from their failures and to become stronger and wiser because of them.  Quite an impressive man and talk to everyone in attendance.

Here is Steph explaining that the red bandelo around her neck was for the purpose of showing gratitude. The new grad presented it to her Daddy as a token of "Gratitude" to him and his help and support through the arduous process of college.
"Thanks, Dad."
She also wrote a very nice note of thanks on the inside of the satin fabric for him to look at and remember forever.
We then all went to lunch with extended family.

Top picture is Janney my cousin, my parents, Steph, Michael, Nichole, Jake, Vicki (proud mom), Kathryn, Hillary.
Bottom picture is Jonathan, Nate, Andrew, Kelly, Alison, Kathy, Don, Aimee, Dane, Megan.

Thanks for coming folks!

Next day we drove down to Brigham City for another lunch with the other side of the family.

Good times were had by all.


  1. That's such an exciting time. Congratulations to her!


  2. Love it! So excited for Steph! I LOVE that picture of her right after she got her diploma. haha so cute!

  3. Congrats to Steph and to you and John too!
    She is beautiful inside and out!
    So nice that you could all be there to share
    in her excitement!!

  4. Proud of you Stephanie! Take a deep breath and then your master's program starts the first week of June!