Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Resealed Driveway

I realize that most people would never care enough to try this, but I have to write about our project of a couple weeks ago.
Our driveway/front sidewalk is 2 1/2 years old and is intended to be a brownish concrete with colored stone strips. It, however, did not turn out the way we envisioned. It is several lighter shades of tan, and basically looks like a sick grey concrete. I suppose we should've not had it colored in the first place, but I wanted it to match the house, blend well with the landscape, and look classy. It kinda doesn't.
I thought if I cleaned it really well and put a sealer on it to make it appear wet, that it would perhaps brighten it up a bit.
So I went out and bought some of this stuff.
Then I rented one of these.
Then I woke up this guy.
And made him work for a few hours.
And the murky driveway looks a little better. Not much, but a little more definition of color was a good thing.
Here is a shot of the front walkway from the entry towards the drive.

Only thing is .....  if he did the work, why did my feet turn out like this.
I had very swollen and red toes and feet. After the first day at least I wised up and added a little sunscreen all the way down to the toes. They have just finished peeling now, two weeks later, and I had a nice pedi today.

On a sidenote, we now have a very clean garage. A power washer on the premises makes you think of all sorts of things to clean. 
Look at that amazingly clean epoxied floor.  (It has rained a few times since this beautiful picture was taken, so the floor quickly became soiled - albeit  still looks quite nice, I may say)
The car in the background .....
... now center, is never very dirty.  The Hubby makes sure of that.


  1. That looks like one tired, swollen foot! Glad you've made a good recovery, pedi included!

    We need to do our driveway, too. It's hard to decide what to choose. You have now increased my trepidation an hundred fold.

    Thanks, my friend.


  2. Just wondering if you still have the equipment for us to use? Oh, and I'll need your laborer too. Mine would undoubtably be very busy the day some machinery like that came down our driveway!! Great job on your garage too.