Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brazilian BBQ

Michael said we didn't need to have a party before he leaves, but he also said that Jonathan/David's party was one of the best memories he has of his big brothers and missions, so I didn't want him to be left out of the experience. (I'll put that other party on my list of posts to post.)
We had a good turnout on Saturday evening as the ward had a campout the night before and our party was talked about. Therefore ... everyone from the campout, plus, was at Michael's party.
I was a little overwhelmed with all the people, and although I'd been cooking nonstop for 2 days, I had no time to take any pictures once the party started.
Our home teacher and his dear wife were taken up on their offer to help us out and we put Doug (Pulley) behind the grill for a couple of hours, and Kathy (wife) in the kitchen chopping and doing dishes for at least 2 hours. I felt bad, but grateful to have such service on my behalf as the large group of party goers was a little out of my hands.
Our sone David showed up at 5:00 and said, "Put me to work."
He too worked for the next 3 hours solid. Making salads, straightening tables, cutting meat, stocking food, showing people where things are, and various other helpful things. He was my right hand man as his father, the Hubby fixed things around the yard, and made sure the guests were happy.
Next time I'll hire a couple of people to help.

...and maybe I'll get a new camera for documentation. So frustrating.

Menu?? For a Brazilian BBQ?
I looked things up online and found a plethora of great recipes by just typing in "Brazilian food recipes."
I found Feijoada which is black beans and probably the biggest staple food along with flavored rice, and collard greens.

I made many kinds of meat and like the typical Brazilian, just used a salt rub for flavoring. Our assortment included Beef New York roast style, Pork loin roast, Portuguese sausage, chicken thighs, (although tongue and feet are common), and we also added regular hot dogs for those picky Americans that may show up at a party.
My other favorite was the cheese bread or Pao de Queijo. It was made with tapioca flour, and farmers cheese and eggs. It was quite yummy if I do say so myself.
We purchased Brazilian flags for the tables and a large one for the flag pole on a large tree in our back yard. We also had several dozen balloons placed strategically around the yard for a party atmosphere.

Problem was ... our missionary Michael had a sore mouth from having his wisdom teeth removed last Monday.
His dorky smile is hiding the very slightly puffy cheeks. Most people wish they recovered as well as my children do from wisdom tooth removal.
A little soreness while eating and a few worried moments when he feels something is stuck in his holes in the back of his mouth are about the extent of his discomfort.
He only had 2 third molars to begin with which is the same number I had and one less than 2 others of his siblings.
Good job tough kid!
And wait'a socialize with the party goers too. I know that was difficult for you.


  1. It was such a fun party Vicki!! I was really hoping you would post the recipe for the cheese rolls on your blog! Thank you!! I always eat a million of those at Tucanos and never thought about making them myself. Everything was fantastic!! Thank you for having us!

  2. it was hard not to be there. & i know it was harder on you from your desperate texts for some daughter help. glad david came to the rescue & that it all went so well!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a party!!!


    PS. He's lookin' good!