Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Everything we visited on our trip to the east coast was named after the queen or king of the year.
When the settlers first came to America  to actually establish homes there, King James just happened to be the English King of the day. So ... everything from that first period is named after him.
James River, James Island, Jamestown.
What a well done museum and living museum.
 Ellery is the helpful big sister.
 She is also interested in what the Native American (Indian in my time) lady is doing.
 The inside of the houses in the Indian Village were quite spacious. They used skins for clothing, sleeping blankets, tables, and many other things.
 Let's crush some corn for bread and much other food.

 Onto the English ships. These are exact replicas of the ships.
 Ellery offering her hand so her Mom can get down the stairs better.
Oh, thank you.
 "Hey, there's GPa."

 Walking up and down the boatway. (I don't know what to call it. A jetway gets you onto a jet, so maybe a boatway gets you onto a boat. I know there's an actual name for it.)
 Aren't those legs just to die for? So cute.
 The family that rows together ....
The settlers had few nice things, but the workmanship on this piece of furniture is magnificent.  We were getting done at this point so the English settlement got a little sort changed with our time. It was way cool though.


  1. I've always wanted to explore the east coast more. The only state I've really seen a lot of is Maine, and I love it. But there's a lot more to see! (Maybe after Dave retires.)

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  2. loved jamestown! thanks again. i can't believe how unflattering a couple of those pics of me are. oh well what do ya do? :)