Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggedy Jig

We tried to get the pool warm enough for a late summer swim with the grandkiddles, but it seems our solar just doesn't do the trick by the end of the summer. The sun position in the sky keeps the pool shaded by our large Green Ash trees, and it always bugs us that the solar can't keep up with the heating needs.
Maybe after we redo the pool this year the new equipment will be more efficient. We shall see.
So ... the grandkids were entertained by the sprinklers in the back yard quite well.
 Beach ball/soccer ball. It kicks very ball like anyway.
 The kickboard makes a nice shield for the spurting water.
 This kid finds the dirt where err it may be.
 At least he has fun doing it.
The girls concentrating on the trajectory of the water.
"Really GPa it isn't very cold, can we just play in the pool for a little while?"
"As long as you have floaties on your arms."
Now let's see the different levels of comfort in the water environment.
 Here's the #1. She was "being" a shark in the hot tub and is totally comfortable under water as long as she can touch the bottom.
 Here's #2. This is as far as her face goes into the H2O. But she is loving it more and more.
#3 just wants to participate and doesn't realize he needs to think or worry about turning upside down in the rubber duck intertube that he sits in.

Cute kids all around. 
Thanks for the pictures GPa.


  1. i miss pool time at the house! i have such darling nieces & nephew. :)

  2. Sprinklers are always a good thing!


  3. too fun! I will have to come steal some of these pics :)