Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Idea

Although the plan didn't start out with this in mind, it was a "Let's go to Williamsburg and meet the kids," type of a plan, this is how it came to fruition.

"Let's just fly right into a hurricane."

The Hubby and I went into Norfolk, VA the Friday evening before the Saturday that Hurricane Irene came to visit Virginia. We checked into a hotel that was completely full of "Outer Bankers" because they had to evacuate their homes, and then the next day as the storm was approaching we went to our resort and waited for our Kathryn's little family and Michael who had been visiting them to drive their little Honda into the terrific storm and meet us there.

As we weathered the tumult that first day, playing monopoly and watching the weather channel nonstop, we thought, "This isn't so bad."
Katz in "banker" mode
(okay, actually she kicked our trash)
Then the lights, internet, 3G went down or were spotty and we went to bed during the worst of it.
 This big tree totally missed the homes around it.
This home was not so lucky.  Look top right and see the roof damage.
See the man walking past the root of the tree with a small section of the canopy?
Next couple of days were spent driving around to see the downed trees in the area, finding restaurants with power and food to feed us, sleeping, getting through traffic that had no stoplights working, and spending some good time together.
 E organizing some good ol' trail mix
C playing with with shampoo & kitchen utensils
Good job family!!
You are all wonderful, and if I had to be in a hurricane I'm glad I was with you. (I'm also glad that we didn't have any dangerous issues arise. PTL)


  1. banker mode?? do you see all those hotels?! that was my victory picture!

  2. glad you braved the weather to come play with us though haha good times!

  3. Sounds pretty bonding, actually...