Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playing with MM

Michael Michael is such a cute Uncle to the kids.
 Woooo, this is a bit chillay.
Here, I'll get you warm.
Look, GPa's taking a picture.
 The parents of the cute kids are pretty good participants too.
 Now that's sacrifice. Click on that to see Katz face. Awesomeness.
 The water playground was pretty terrific.
 Don't ever let MM tell you its ALL about the kids.
GramVi doesn't participate except to assist out of the pool. (It was cold, are you kidding me?)
Finally we get a shot of GPa. He's just the best photographer, so we let him be.
Now here goes MM down the slide with Ells.
"Really, it'll be great, just come and go down the slide with me," he said to the trusting 2 year old.

 Woowoo, here we go.
 Are you kidding me?

"Well that was such a fun activity. Let's never do it again," says Ells.


  1. how fun that you got some east coast time with the fan...they're just so stinking cute!! And glad you survived the big storm. That must have been quite the adventure for all of you!!

  2. it was the last time down the slide too that she PELTED me in the face with a wave of water. & it was definitely colder in the indoor pool. definitely.

  3. one of those slide pictures should be mm's fb pic.

  4. Assisting out of the pool is an important job.


  5. Cossette is SO photogenic! She has so many cute faces!!! I'll have to put that on Kathry's blog also! :)