Thursday, September 8, 2011


Of the many places we were able to explore after braving the hurricane (Irene) and it's aftermath, the first is Yorktown.
This Chesapeake Bay coast town was where the revolutionary war basically ended as the Americans and their allies the French were able to overpower the English, and force surrender.
 This Lady Liberty is a beautiful marble statue with informative quadrants all the way around it.

 This is the definition of toddle. What an excited and adorable little toddler.
 E was being adventurous in her climbing until she looked down. Then she had to be coaxed/coached down incrementally by her Mom who had her do it by herself. Good Job both daughter and Mother!
Cool old houses, churches, and walls all around this 18th century town. The colonists did amazing things with brick. I'm wondering why I'm getting rid on all my back yard brick at this point.
 Here is a handsome lad who is wearing much more comfortable clothes than colonists wore. It is raining cats and dogs the Monday after the Saturday hurricane. Michael braved the torrential rain for this shot. BOOM
Going back to our resort we pass much more devastation.
But the brick bridges along the way are still standing strong. Probably done in the 1930's by the Civil Corp of Engineers. (CEC)
Very cool.


  1. i loooooove that pic of cossette! kinda makes me mad at the guy standing behind her, ruining the shot...

  2. Wow. Great photos of a really cool spot.