Saturday, September 10, 2011


The power was coming back to most of the southern Virginia area by the time we investigated Williamsburg the first time. Michael had flown home and The Hubby had some business calls to do and so we decided to wait on paying admission to see all the best sights for another day. This way we could leisurely walk around to shopping dining and checking out where we might want to spend more time when we obtain tickets.
 My version of window shopping. Take a closeup so I can duplicate it in another life.
 Coco's version of how to down a corndog. YUMMMMY.
 Gardens are in fashion again.
 Better ideas for white picket fences than anywhere I've ever seen.
 Colonial attire.
 Cool rooflines, and architecture.
Cover thy head always.
 Ells loves the old fashioned stuff. I think the new stuff mixed in (bike racing past) adds to the uniqueness of the place, don't you?
 Do you think they should smile when their heads are about to come off?
 Soda pop in amazing.

She'd never had root beer and didn't want to let it go anytime soon. People were walking past taking her picture and laughing as she downed the sarsaparilla.


  1. I love a white picket fence, and I love the look of this nostalgic spot. (And your cute granddaughter!)


  2. both girls THRILLED to drink some very spicy rootbeer since they are used to just getting water & the occasional milk :)